Gender Anarky’s Denunciation and Disaffiliation with Catarina LePre

Breaking Notice:  It is sad but necessary to report that Catarina LePre has become a traitor to the cause and has collaborated with the state and with reactionaries against Gender Anarky and everything that we stand for.

As supporters of Gender Anarky resistance in the prisons may know, Cat and I were lovers.  We went through a hunger strike last year so we could live together in the same cell.  We got wide support from people on the street.  I left in the midst of that action, a temporary transfer to the Department of Mental Health.  While there, Cat acted against the fundamental principle and interest and hard efforts of the trans resistance and became associated with a reactionary and celled up with him, despite my principled protest.  For this reason, I terminated our relationship and her involvement with Gender Anarky.  Out of spite and revenge, Cat and he reactionary friend Snaggs (Matt Bullington), a gay boy, made false accusations against me and Gender Anarky in order to prevent me from coming back to the same prison.  They also asked the pigs to put me on their enemies list on their files, which prevents us from being housed on the same yard.  They also schemed in this way to get me confined to the hole for a long period of time,  if not indefinitely.  Specifically, she and her gay boy friend Snaggs alleged that Gender Anarky is a prison gang that does hits, threats, and conspiracies in and out of prison, and that they both fear me.  They attempted to put Gender Anarky in an unfavorable light,  referring to it by its original, defunct name of “Latina Bitches.”  Upon my later return to the prison in June 2013, I was immediately slammed in the hole as a threat to Cat and Snaggs and to “the safety and security of the prison.”  The committee specifically made a reference to my affiliation with ‘Latina Bitches’.  This is the long and short of it.

My situation is now being reviewed by the bass and other staff, a formal investigation.  I have been in the hole since June 25th, 2013.  I was unaware of Cat’s and Snagg’s ding until shortly after I got here.  I have since been classified as ‘difficult to place’ because of the misinformation of Cat and Snaggs, and a special high-level conference is being held to determine my status and what to do with me.  They allege I can’t be put in any other prison, only this one, Donovan in San Diego. I have not violated any rules and am not accused of it.  My confinement to the hole is for administrative reasons (the safety of Cat and Snaggs and the prison), not disciplinary.  But the extreme maximum security conditions of punishment are all the same.  This is a prelude to sending me to a formal lockdown prison or Security Housing Unit (SHU) indefinitely.  This is the long of it short.

Initially, I was very heartbroken and traumatized to be suddenly put in the drastic conditions of the hole for nothing I did and to learn of Cat’s betrayal and lies.  But I’ve gotten over it and am back on my feet.  I’ve been slammed three months already and my next scheduled committee hearing is November.  Eventually, they’ll send me to a lockdown prison somewhere.  But it’s okay; I have no regrets and will not relent.  Gender Anarky continues its agenda in and out of prison, not as a sacrifice, but because it’s what we do.

Catarina LePre is not longer associated with me or Gender Anarky.  She deserves no support.  She is a traitor and should be denounced as such.

From the trenches,
Sister Amazon
Sept. 22, 2013
Donovan Prison, San Diego

Gender Anarky statement on the California Prisoner Hunger Strike

In July 2013, certain California prisoners went on a hunger strike that was centered at the Pelican Bay lockdown prison known as the Security Housing Unit or SHU (shoe), in an action to protest the prison department’s long term lockdown policy, mainly of them, among other things. Other prisoners are said to be on a hunger strike in support of the Pelican Bay action. Anarchist media are propagating the hunger strike, taking a public position of support. The hunger strike is being promoted as a political act by prisoners who are oppressed and tortured by the Government’s prison system, especially its long-term lockdown prisons. The prison movement has endorsed and supports the hunger strike.
The supporters of the hunger strike have no idea or understanding of what is taking place in the state jurisdiction (non-federal) prisons of California. They are for the most part, individuals who have never been to a California state prison and/or have no direct personal sense or historical perspective of the on-the-ground reality in these prisons.
The core of the Pelican Bay hunger strikers – the hunger strikers initiators, instigators, and spokespersons – consists of several organizations or groups of prisoners. Signed public statements by them reveal who they are. Ninety percent of the signatories are leaders of reactionary prison gangs, such as the Mexican Mafia, the Aryan Brotherhood and Nuestra Familia (Our Family). These are not political or progressive groups in any sense but to the contrary are the most reactionary: Narrow Nationalists, Capitalists, Racists, Anti-Revolutionary, Anti-Anarchists, and Anti-Fag. They are not people friendly, specifically the masses of oppressed people. They care nothing of such social categories and despise them, even as they come from them themselves. Their ideology and vested interests have nothing in common with the progressive, principled resistance. They are more ppressive of prisoners than are the prison guards, more assaultive of the prisoners than the guards – stabbing, slashing, butchering, sometimes each other but mostly others: the weak and vulnerable who won’t succumb to their extortionist demands. This is the primary reason they are locked down in SHU, not because there’s anything political about them or their agenda and activities. Their ideology is financial greed and capitalism; after all, the very purpose of a mafia is to profit money, not to propagate or care for human rights. There is nothing humane about these people, but the contrary – they are worse oppressors than the government. The Aryan Brotherhood ideology is hardcore (rabid) racism and racial supremacy; They hate “niggers, jews, wet-backs, fags” etc., these individuals who call themselves “Hitler’s Helpers.” These reactionary groups have conveniently hijacked the prison movement, which knows nothing of prison reality, employing the hunger strike political tactic, with the soul objective of being released from SHU, to control all the prison yards, and have every prisoner succumb to them, to extort, and to kill those who won’t go along. There is nothing progressive about these individuals. Any position to the contrary is straight up bullshit. These reactionary elements are only going through the motions of political speak and grievance, which they do only in the interest and with the intent of restoring their initiative and effectiveness on the yards towards their personal agenda, for they care nothing of human rights and justice. They are the oppressive unjust. They are bigger bullies than the prison guards, and it is an utter absurdity that they can hijack a political movement to impress that they are worthy of public support as some kind of victim.
The remaining ten percent of the signatories, The Black Guerilla Family, is the only organization involved in the hunger strike. Notwithstanding, Gender Anarky cannot take a position of support, even of this sole political group in the hunger strike protest.
Being political, in and of itself, is no indication of progressiveness. A political organization, even of the revolutionary type, can be degressive, reactionary, revisionist. Our critique of the BGF is in its compromise unity with reactionary groups that are oppressive of the people, in and out of prison, within the hunger strike initiative. Had the BGF undertook the hunger strike on its own, Gender Anarky would have fully supported the action as a bona fide revolutionary tactic. The BGF’s unity with the reactionary element (and such a blatant one at that) was unnecessary in its opposition and resistance to its in-prison oppression. The portrait is of a desperateness – a chink in their armor – that conveys defeatism opposite the enemy government that they would lower themselves to such a dishonorable course of action, tainting the purity of the revolutionary ideal and questioning their political integrity in the face of the resistance and of their martyrs, some of whom died in prison fighting the reactionary enemy the BGF now unites with, a reactionary element that had the assistance of prison guards against the BGF (e.g., racist prison guards providing bullets to the AB with which to shoot the cadre with zip guns).
Our endorsement of the hunger strike would be a concession to unity with reactionary enemies, and a dishonor to the martyrs. We reject this utterly and as such reject the hunger strike. Anyone within the Anarchist camp in or out of prison, who would support the hunger strike as it is does not know what they are doing.
Thousands of California prisoners do not support the hunger strike, more than the number of those who support it, because they know the reality on the ground here in prison, and that the hunger strike is a sham. There is no “principal” that would justify unity multilateral undertakings with reactionaries who prey on the lives of the people and have catered to the enemy against the resistance in the prisons on fair weather days, no defunct “united front” theory or theory of the universality of struggle that is based on misplaced emotion and a sense of defeatism rather than the reality of the day, the concrete conditions. Reactionaries are always transmitters of poison, however sugar coated or well spoken. Nothing good can ever come out of them, with their hatred of fags and racist ideology and theology. Simply, they must be crushed, not accommodated. A revolutionary organization must calculate and act in the interest of the progressive people and not in the manner of an elite that puts its personal wellbeing before the collective interest and the soundness of the revolutionary ideology and platform, even if to save their own lives. Our martyrs are the witness. Any revolutionary group that acts to the contrary can in no way be representative of the passion and militancy of the wretched, in and out of prison. Such and organization forfeits its integrity and ability to represent and carry the revolutionary ideal. There is no gain here. There will be no gain for the revolutionary agenda by the hunger strike as it is, only a setback. There will no strategic accomplishment.
The only segment of prisoners that is standing firm are the anarchists.  Let this be a hard lesson that the grassroots of prison resistance are in prison, not society, not the prison movement, and the lesson of prison as a political mine-field, unnavigable from society. We will not allow the faithful resistance to be hijacked or betrayed by anyone. We alone are at the helm, the unrelenting.
For these reasons, the Pelican Bay hunger strike is rejected by Gender Anarky. In view of the circumstances, anarchists who support the hunger strike as it is are debased.


Gender Anarky Prison Column
(FAGA militia)

Sister Amazon

An Update From Sister Amazon, July 2013

(JULY 2013)

Peace, Greetings & Blessings to all those who love.  I want to send a short
message out at this time--

     First, thank you so kindly to all who keep in touch with me with your
concern, love and support that is so meaningful to someone undergoing the
real hardships of the daily grind of prison life that ever strains our
human capacity in so many damaging ways, abodes of dehumanization and
degradation.  Our suffering is visible and invisible, obvious and subtle.
 None of us are immune to the constant physical and psychological assaults
on us by prisoncrats.  Even I falter at times, so your comfort is so
meaningful to me.  It really matters and I love you all for it.
     Some of you have not heard from me for a while and that's because I've
been transferred.  I'm back in Donovan prison in San Diego, after doing a
program in the Dept. of Mental Health, where I was sent due to incidents of
genital self-mutilation through the years for want of sex-change surgery
that the prison dept won't give trans women in men's prisons.  The doctors
at the DMH recommended surgery for me, a really great development in and of
itself.  They have an independence that prison psychs don't have. I've made
a formal request for surgery, but this is where the problem lies.  The
prison department does not have to follow the recommendation and will not
give surgery.  A prior request for surgery was denied.  But there is some
separate development.  My information is that one of the girls won her
lawsuit for surgery but the prison department appealed it and it is now in
the federal appeal court.  A similar case in another state prison is on
appeal by the prison dept there.  So we've made some progress.  Yet another
federal court ruled that prisons can't refuse to treat transsexualism with
hormones and/or surgery if the doctors they hire to evaluate trans
prisoners recommend it.  This ruling came out in March when the U.S.
Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal of the ruling.  Legally, this case
can serve to persuade the appeal courts in the other two cases to adopt the
same logic.  It is practically a given at this point that all prisons will
eventually be required by the federal courts to provide surgery to trans
prisoners who are recommended for it by qualified doctors.  This would
include me, but we are still some years from that day.
     Things are not the same here as when I left in NOvember.  I got back
on June 25th.  I have been in the hole ever since.  The prison claims I now
have two enemies on the yard and so i must be transferred and remain in the
hole until then, a process that takes months.  I believe this is
retaliation and a set-up to get rid of me due to the hunger strike
resistance here of last year.  I have asked to reconcile with these alleged
enemies, which is when both agree that there is no longer animosity and
they can be safely housed on the same yard.  In fact, I did this when I
came here last year.  BUt they wont do it this time around.  I am to appear
before  a classification committee next week for transfer. I am doing what
very little I can under the circumstances.  But in all practicality, I will
be transferred.  It is at their discretion.  Any challenge would be a fight
that cant be won.  The best thing is to roll with it.  The sooner I leave,
the sooner i'll be out of the hole.  I can and will fight the situation and
my new location and if successful, I will be transferred back here.  This
is the most tactical course and at that time supporters in society can join
the effort.  Each battle has its time and place.  We will decide these
factors, no one else.  We will decide them to the best of our advantage.
     At this time I do need some help in another way.
     I am resigned to being in the hole for several months to come,
throughout summer.  I am not allowed my personal property in the hole and
have nothing.  I don't have writing gear to keep in contact with those I
write to or their addresses.  I do need writing paper, envelopes and
stamps.  I do a lot of other writing, so paper is important, lots of it.
 everything can be sent in a plain non-padded manila envelope.  Three
writing tabs max is cool and long #10 envelopes.  In addition, I need
reading material.  Anyone can send print material like zines, books,
newsletters, magazines, downloadeds.  It is best to note "distributor"  or
''books to prisoners'' on the return address.  I have a healthy interest in
news of world events as they occur, especially where fags are concerned,
military operations, and events in the middle east.  I also love doing
crossword puzzles from "USA Today'', LA TIMES and NY TIMES.  Photocopies or
clippings can be sent.  I read wide, so almost any subject of reading
material can be sent.  The only thing is no nudes.  pictures can be sent
but not polaroids.  I really need this and will love you so much for it.
 Or hey, just write :)
     It gets very depressing in these holes.  They are intentionally
structured and operated in crude fashion.  The most glaring issue is the
unpainted cells.  They are grey concrete, faded and dirty walls, an
oppressive sight that bombards the mind all day.  it's like living in a
cave.  They are very small which makes me struggle with my claustrophobia.
 After over 30 years in prison, I do have psych issues; No one can survive
that long without them.  I'm highly claustrophobic.  I'm a mental health
patient.  I've done half my time in the holes of various prisons off and on
through the years and decades.  I get chronic and severe depression and I
often experience anguish and anxiety.  I have the symptoms of post
traumatic stress disorder.  I am diagnosed as hypo-manic or bipolar and can
go from peppy to blue in an instant.  I sleep only 4 hours a night, usually
two at a time, with the light on because the dark makes me anxious
and claustrophobic   I have nightmares.  I feel trapped,  and depsparate at
 times and have emotional breakdowns and crying bouts.  I've tried suicide
several times through the decades, ended up in a community hospital to keep
me alive.  Even Amazons in the trenches are human beings and have our
weaknesses.  But I'm keenly focused on survival and believe i'll make it.
     I want everyone to know that I love you.  I need your love at this
moment, I'm not too proud to say it.  Thank you ever so much for a part of
yourself.  Im my own way I pray for your peace and well being.

With Great Love and Tears,

URGENT: Call in to support Amazon’s release from Department of Mental Health custody!

In a recent correspondence with Amazon, it has come to our attention that Amazon is being held against her will in especially restricted circumstances in a facility of the Dept. of Mental Health against her wishes.  The conditions of this facility are, of course, doing nothing to improve her mental health and the increased harrassment by staff, poor living conditions, and increased restrictions within this unit have only increased her depression and suidical thoughts.

Call Warden Randy Grounds of Salinas Valley State prison and demand that Eva Contreraz, C4585, be released from Department of Mental Health custody according to her wishes and in the meantime be given a cell with running water immediately!  Salinas Valley State Prison’s number is (831) 678-5500.

“It’s time to take it to the trenches in the tyrannical prison system and equally tyrannical Dept. of Mental Health that currently hold me against my will in this prison.  I’m sending this S.O.S. to anyone in society who would care to take some action on my behalf.

I previously explained how I ended up here.  I kicked off the war with these pigs as soon as I got here and was immediately subjected to discrimination as a trans woman and other mistreatment.  At Donovan prison, where I came from, I had maximum program privileges, with yard, dayroom, and groups daily.  This program is a highly restricted lockdown setting that normally, under prison rules, one is put in for rule violations, as a means of punishment.  All of this surprised me when I got here. I hadn’t broken any rule.

I was on ‘cuff status’: I could not come out to the yard or dayroom and was handcuffed with two escorts when taken anywhere, even to the showers a few feet away.  This is how it is in the hole, the supermax lockdown prisons.  To put me in these conditions, the rule book requires due process procedures: a documented disciplinary accusation with a copy to me, an investigator and assistant for my defense, a hearing before a lieutenant, a copy of all reports and the disposition for my record and to appeal the action taken.  I was given none of this, either here or at Donovan.  In essence, though I was sent here for mental health diagnosis, I was stuck in a hole for nothing, without legally required due process precautions.  This is tyranny, not constitutional or democratic government.  Not that I believe in either, but if they say I have it coming as a matter of their law and I am being forced to live under their law against my will, I want it.

I am being held in the DMH against my will, in a mental health program.  I must consent in order for them to put and keep me here.  I objected to being transferred here at Donovan but was railroaded anyway last November.  An appeal of that action is still in process.  I have asked to discharge, but they refuse to let me.  I’ve been evaluated for years and decades in prison for the need for sex-change surgery, which the prison dept. refuses to give me or any other trans prisoner in need of it.  The doctors have concluded in a recommendation for surgery.  This was months ago.  I asked for discharge, since my recommendation is in and I am through here, but they won’t let me go, insisting that I ‘finish the program’ of months and months of doing nothing but sitting in a cell.

Ever since I got here, I’ve been constantly at odds with these pigs.  They have disrespected my trans state, with negative attitude and derogatory comments, and I’ve retorted right back.  More mistreatment.  Being couped up in the cell for prolonged periods has had negative psychological effects on me, as it would anyone, especially as I am claustrophobic and given to panic attacks in such conditions, which includes moaning, depression, crying, etc.  I feel like I will die any moment and get a death wish just to end it.  My medical/psych files note that in such living programs, I ‘decompensate’ (have adverse psychological symptoms).  This includes suicidality or suicide ideation (e.g. a death wish).  Yet I was put in such an environment unnecessarily.  I am having all these reactions and symptoms in the cell, fighting as much as my battered body can muster.

I also become more aggressive to the pigs.  Last month, I was in the hole (no difference) for threatening the guards, for a week.  I am now in the hole again for more conflict with them.  My water had stopped working three days ago due to plumbing problems.  It would take days to have it fixed.  I asked to be moved to a cell with working water, but they wouldn’t do it.  I don’t think I’ll be getting out this time.

Now, rather than discharging me from here, whenever, they are considering sending me to a new prison for DMH prisoners that is opening in July.  Everyone who is here is going then.  Once there I can be held for months, years.

So please zap the warden here as to: why I am being maintained here when I’ve been treated and have a treatment recommendation and am not being discharged back to Donovan; why I am being harassed and provoked by the staff for being a transsexual; why I am being held in a cell with no running water; and why I am being handled by staff who have no training working with mental health patients, aggravating my mental health condition.

This might get some action, improve things for me, and get me discharged.  Meanwhile, I’ll be maintaining, doing what I need to get through each day and keep my sanity in this cruel place.

Thanks ever so kindly.

Sister Amazon”

What’s the T with the Girls?: a Report by Sister Amazon, May 2013

Peace and Greetings to the Sisterhood!

I wanted to talk a little about things here in the California prisons with the queens, to bring everyone out there onto the yards and behind the scenes for a look-see, as a lot of you are our supporters and we do want to account to you.  I can’t say I know it all, because no one has that kind of knowledge in an expansive , complex prison system as this one, with 33 prisons today, 21 of which I’ve been through in my 32 years straight of imprisonment.  The situation is always changing back here, from day to day, even hour to hour.  I say this especially about the girls overall, because at times things with us move faster than with others.  I am sure that many out in society do not have a clue to the hard reality for us in these prisons, among ourselves as opposed to how things are going for us opposite the cops, etc.  A lot of you out there have never been to prison, and not one like the California system, which has in the area of 300 transsexual females in the men’s yards, more than ever before in the history of this system and about the largest population of girls than in other prison systems.  And the girls keep coming, as young as 19, first time in prison.  And so this will at least give you an idea.

Anyway, it is also a new day in that many of the girls are aware of the need for unity among ourselves for our survival and well-being on the yards. , and have taken steps to actually unite and identify as girls who will stand up for ours and throw it down however we have in order to get our message across that in simple terms we are not to be fucked with.  Not all of the girls who are active like this have political motives and agendas.  Rather, it is a more gut-survival consciousness in the dog-eat-dog world of prison, no different than life on the street.  The girls are raw, crude, straight up from the gutter (slums, ghettos, inner cities, reservations, rural poverty, barrios, etc.) and care nothing for politics, only the minute to minute reality we live in.  They are hard girls and can be extremely violent.  They know only survival, whatever it takes, and it takes many forms in prison.

These is an assortment of girl associations on the maximum security wards, which are the most volatile yards.  They are dedicated to our safety and security and defense from being beaten, raped, robbed, scapegoated, and other kinds of abuse by prisoners and cops.  They all come from the same social category, the class of socially disinherited, though the cities may be different, and they are multiracial in composition.  For example, there are the Gender Anarky girls, who are among the most violent, going to the hole for stabbing, slashing, and fighting cops.  You have the Crazy Bitch Club, which is equally militant and is integrating with Gender Anarky.  There are the Gangster Girls, who are widely fanned out and are street active and have done mutual defense work with Gender Anarky.  Then there’s the Lonely Queen Riders, a highly organized group that has done sensational acts of bloody violence on the yards.  All do vigorous recruiting.  All have an elaborate communication network for prison-to-prison contact.  All are armed.  Among the gayboys there is the Gay Boy Gangsters, a relatively large group that is very active on the yards.  The group has been around for a while, before some of the girl crews came up, and so there are some girls in it.  But as the girls began to organize, some of the girls stepped back from the group and joined them, as in the case of Gender Anarky and the Gangster Girls.  This is critique that Gender Anarky is competitive in its policy of recruiting girls from other crews.  There are boy crews that have some girl members, usually because their husbands or lovers are in the crew, and there is some static that Gender Anarky tries to recruit these girls.  Or these girls spinoff on their own, as with the Loyal Queen Riders.

The girl crews associate with each other.  There have been times of disagreements and static between some, problems resolved at the table and not taken to the yard.  Some of the girls are lesbians, in fact most are, and have had cross-group affairs and marriages, living as cellmates, and this strengthens ties, creating alliances.  Some girls have bumped shoulders with the gayboys, and there exists an unease between them.  But it understood that it is best such problems don’t end up on the yard, because we essentially have the same cause and enough people to deal with it as it is, and the more united we all are, the more powerful and respected.

The cops can be a problem everywhere.  Some give the girls a hard time just because we’re girls and they hate that.  Some are neutral to us.  Some sympathize with us and treat us right and do us favors, give us slack if we’re in a spot.  You get a mix at each place.  If it’s not something they’re doing to us, then it’s just their negative attitude, a big deal in these places, psychological: it messes with our mind, especially as they control everything we do.  Some girls, including myself, have physically fought them, went to the hole and court for ‘assault on staff’ and some were given more time in prison for it, on top of the standard two years in the hole for that kind of thing.  These are always occasions where cops provoked the girls, since we are perceived as weak and/or lacking in what it takes to be respected off the top, compared to the way they treat the men, dogging us or unnecessarily mishandling us– grabbing, gripping, shoving, slamming– and the defensive reaction is only natural in such moments, especially if you are concerned for your dignity as a human being.  Big consequences, yeah, but it’s just another day for us back here, and if we worried about consequences, we’d have trouble making it from day to day, no peace of mind.  It is also that some cops are attracted to the girls– both male and female cops flirt, get silly.  It get this more from the female cops on the occasions in which it has happened to me, which was quite brazen and went far beyond the norm.

Elsewhere.  Sex-change surgery for girls in prison.  I apologize for not having hard facts on this one, but circumstances are what they are.  The system still does not allow us to have surgery, either through it or at our own cost, and the hormone therapy program does not address it.  (We all get hormones, whoever wants them.)  My current information is that one of the girls won her lawsuit for surgery (several girls have such lawsuits in the federal courts here) and that the prison is also obligated to pay for it.  So the department appealed the ruling and now it’s in review court.  No telling when a decision will be out.  If the appeal court rules against the prison department, there will most likely be a Supreme Court showdown.  Meanwhile, a high rate of girls are mutilating their genitals these days for want of surgery.  I’ve been doing it since the 1980s, periodically through the decades and twice the last year.  I’ve assured my psych team here in the Department of Mental Health that if I don’t eventually get surgery after all my efforts, I’ll do it myself, “absolutely.”  They have recommended surgery for me after reviewing my long medical/psychological history of genital self-mutilation and suicide attempts due to gender conflict that almost left me dead, the real thing, not a cry for help; I was far beyond that point.  But the DMH and prison dept. are separate entities, and although the rules provide for outside diagnosis of prisoners for treatment recommendations, they also provide that the department does not have to go by the recommendation.  For me, this is the sticking point today. Why in the world send us for diagnosis in the first place, then?  It is beyond ridiculous, it is silly.  And it is just one more tragic illustration of the idiot reasoning of the prison complex that is designed to make us suffer endlessly and inhumanely by every legal loophole.  It is a not so subtle tyranny.

Among other things, the prison dept. may think that if they give surgery, there will be a run on the medical dept for it by a long line of girls, but I wouldn’t be so sure.  In my experience of talking to girls about surgery, 3 of 5 don’t want it.  There’s different feelings about it among the girls.  For example, one girl told me she wants it, but not in prison, because assuming she goes to a women’s prison post-surgery, which would most likely happen, she won’t be able to have sex with men.  She asked me what I was going to do for penetration if I have surgery and go to a women’s prison.  Logically, you do what the women there do– have sex with each other, make a dildo.  But I said that surgery means more to me than having sex with anyone does.  You have to want it that much.  I remember when I got castrated (testicles surgically removed– I always spell it out since most think castration means testicles, penis, the whole package) in 2009.  An ultrasound revealed a mass on a testicle, the result of repeated mutilation.  I immediately jumped on this, expressing a dread it could be cancer, and sued for the removal of both, which the prison caved to before the judge could decide (it had initially refused).  Before it was done, and before the case was even filed, I reviewed the medical and anatomical material on the aftermath of orchiectomy, and it said there will be no more sex drive or desire or ability.  We all love sex.  I value my orgasms.  And this made me think, because I was long decided that whatever it took, I was going to have it, that is, the surgery.  So it was done at a local hospital.  I guess it was about my third day after surgery that I woke up with an erection.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was thinking, “this is not supposed to happen.”  I immediately went back to the material, read the highlight all over again, and said, “This is bullshit!” and threw it away.

Well, having an erection without testicles was one thing.  Could I have an orgasm?  The literature source had already proved itself unworthy.  I still had sensations and erected, everything it said I wouldn’t be able to have again.  (It also said I wouldn’t have any more facial hair growth, another myth- I still had it, though a lot less.) Did this mean that I could still achieve orgasm?  Needless to say, this was all new to me.  What did I know?  I decided that as soon as I fully healed, I would find out.  On D-Day, I masturbated.  I got a full erection.  As I went on, it crossed my mind that maybe at the point where there was supposed to be orgasm there would be excruciating pain instead.  I really did.  I don’t understand what made me think this.  Trust me, by this time, all kinds of things were going through my head.  The surgeon hadn’t counseled me about it.  But everything occurred as it always had, the sensations and intensity building to a peak, and then the explosion– fireworks, stars, volcanoes going off, the Earth shaking.  All of it.  Full, pleasurable orgasm, satisfying.  There was no difference in that regard.  The only difference was that there was no ejaculation, nothing.  It was like a biological woman having an orgasm.  And so, I was left thinking, “Well, I had been willing to give up my ability to have sexual pleasure for my surgery, and yet I came out with it.  Keeping in mind that this was immediately after my surgery.  Today, four years later, I have less ability to erect, but maintain sensation and orgasm ability.

All this brought me to square-two.  Genital reconstruction surgery (my way of referring to ‘sex-reassignment surgery’ and all of its variations) removed the penis entirely.  A clitoris can be constructed from the nerves of the penis, which are preserved for that reason.  According to the *real* literature, the Standards of Care (I had now doctored up), some outcomes are positive for orgasm, some are not.  The surgical techniques in transsexual surgery, and skill, are always improving as medicine and medical technology improve in the area.  For my own reasons, I don’t prefer a surgical vagina.  Penectomy and a clitoris will do for me.

I will be back with more updates as they occur.  do this is Sister Amazon signing off with up to the minute T, and up to the minute, that’s all the T.

Love in Sisterhood,

January 2013 Update from Sister Amazon

After a few months we have a public update from Amazon for the site, as well as some additional writings added to the site on Amazon’s conception of insurrectionary anarky…

“Hello everyone!

I want to take the time to send a warm greeting from Cat and me to all the beautiful people out there who have been writing to let us know your concern and support and that our hearts beat as one in love and rage, to our resistance to prisons and the rest of civilization.  It feels so great to feel your vibes, warm embraces in a world of cold steel and musty concrete.  Our hearts and spirits likewise radiate at you.  And of course we want to also thank and commend the Gender Anarky crew out there that has set up the website and let the world know of our resistance in the prisons of America, a resistance that will surely contribute to America’s doom.  To our supporters [names omitted] — Thank you ever so much from the bottom of our hearts!  We love you!

We also want to let everyone know the latest with us.  As pointed our previously, Donovan prison changed tactics and so did we.  In Cat’s case, they decided to transfer her, allegedly because her custody points went down to a level-3 medium security range, and the yard we were on at Donovan is a level-4 maximum security yard.  In my case, I was put up for transfer to the Department of Mental Health based on a history of genital self-mutilation for want of sex-change surgery.  My request for surgery had been denied by the secretary of prisons years ago.  For the trans females in prison who can’t get surgery and need it, we get into a space where we just have to have it, and things get messy.  I was surgically castrated in 2009 due to medical complications resulting from continued self-mutilation through the years and decades of my incarceration.  Last year I tried to amputate my penis twice and was sent to a community hospital in Reno, NV, for days of treatment.  Initially they were going to amputate, but the organ responded to antibiotics and the diagnosis was changed.  It was no coincidence that the transfer recommendations came suddenly at the point of our resistance for our cell status and the pressure that our supporters were putting on the prison regarding our hunger strike.

We shifted our tactics from the hunger strike to attacking the transfer recommendations.  The prisoncrats gave us all the reasons we needed by violating their own rules in the way they went about it.  It’s what they do in all the administrative decisions made about every prisoner.  A very routine, underground way of running the prisons.  So we raised technicalities, but that is a process that takes months of moving the paperwork through the system and in the meanwhile I was transferred.  Currently I am in the Department of Mental Health section of the prison here in Salinas Valley.  It is just a warehouse.  No treatment is given.  I am to be here several months and then return to Donovan.  It’s “bus therapy,” just bussing us across the state with nothing accomplished.  I can be out of here in about two or three months.  I arrived in November.

Cat fared a lot better.  They had tried this with her years previous, before we met, ans she was filing paperwork against corrupt conditions at Donovan, including antifag hate from the guards.  At that time the attempt was abandoned because of family hardships if she were transferred elsewhere.  She has close ties with her parents.  Her family lives close to the prison and it would be a prohibiting burden to have them travel hundreds of miles to see her.  We filed an appeal with the warden, and her parents wrote to the warden with their concern.  In the meanwhile, Cat had gotten into situations that raised her points back up to a maximum security range so she is being kept at Donovan.  “I did them so I get be here when you get back,” she told me in a recent letter.  We always have an idea.

This is where we stand today.  Cat and I entered into an eternal union on October 20th, 2012.  Like me, Cat is a priesteess in the pagan ways.  She performed the ritual and consecration on sacred pagan ground at Donovan prison.

There will be more updates of our situation as we continue the insurrection against civilization from within prison.  I will also be speaking out more on the site shortly.

And so with this, a big hug and kiss to all!

For the annihilation of civilization,
Sister Amazon”

Support Niara!

In November of 2012, Niara was sentenced to 25-50 years in prison after she plead guilty to robbing and killing a john of hers and setting his motel room on fire.  Niara, who also goes by Peaches, has asked her supporters for letters after she was recently put in the solitary for getting into a fight with a transphobic man who was giving her shit on the inside.  She doesn’t know how long she’ll be stuck in solitary, so write her a letter and let her know that she has people supporting her!
Herman Burton #KU1265
PO Box 200
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Gender Anarky prisoners end hunger strike with news of retaliatory transfers of the prisoners

A press release we received from Amazon and Cat today announced the end of the Gender Anarky hunger strike at R.J. Donovan Correctional Facility:

Prison’s latest move changes battleground

the transsexual hunger strike at the r.j. donovan prison in california that was the initiative of gender anarky has ended.  the two girls on strike, amazon and cat, are now eating.

the change in the battlefield came as the prison moved to transfer both girls.  at this, a tactical decision was made to end the strike and shift tactics.  it would have been futile to oppose the transfers, as prison rules and courts give great discretion to prisoncrats in matters of transfers.  it also gives them leeway to act tyrannically with transfer to disrupt and retaliation against in-prison activism.  the girls are known to be radicals who struggle for transsexual medicine and human rights.  they are also aware that cat and amazon are partnerss, lovers, and resent it.  so by transferring the girls out they got rid of radicalism and lesbianism in a single stroke.  the transfer hearings were a sham and a farce, typical kangaroo court, as prisons everywhere are notorious for.  but it will not deter the girls in their insurrection against prisons, government, and civilization.  the girls have accepted that they will be separated soon, for how long they are not sure.  it could be one or two or more years that they end up on the same yard together again.  amazon is a lifer with some years to go, cat will be getting out in about eight years.  but they also keep uppermost that the insurrection is not about individuals but about masses of people.  they will mourn when they are separated, while continuing to sharpen their weapons of resistance to the tyranny of government and prisons, they the civilization that spawned them, utterly degenerate and putrid to the core and deserving not an iota less of merciless destruction.  wherever they are sent, the girls will continue on the path of anarkist insurrection, spreading the word, and always recruiting.

amazon and cat send their affectionate love and admiration to all who resist civilization, and a special embrace to all those who sent letters and cards and zeens during the hunger strike and so much love and support, letting them know that they were not alone.  your concern for them is matched with theirs for you.

to be sure, the girls continue to conspire and hopefully can maneuver themselves back together.  the details of this cannot be revealed publicly lest the enemy know.  but for the purpose of this communique the hunger strike is hereby terminated.

messages about the developing situation with amazon and cat will be posted in future press releases.

**the prison has begun to harrass our mail from supporters.  a letter from [a comrade] in oakland was marked ‘return to sender’ by the pig in the housing block and sent back to the mailroom for no noted reason.  but the mailroom sent it back to the block again and it was only after a comment to cat by another pig that cat was able to track it down and get it.  if anyone gets mail you sent us marked ‘rts’ simply resend it.  these kinds of things are a typical fuck-with-them ploy on the part of the prison department’s counter-insurgency.  it will fail.

love and hugs to all,

amazon and cat”
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