After a few months we have a public update from Amazon for the site, as well as some additional writings added to the site on Amazon’s conception of insurrectionary anarky…

“Hello everyone!

I want to take the time to send a warm greeting from Cat and me to all the beautiful people out there who have been writing to let us know your concern and support and that our hearts beat as one in love and rage, to our resistance to prisons and the rest of civilization.  It feels so great to feel your vibes, warm embraces in a world of cold steel and musty concrete.  Our hearts and spirits likewise radiate at you.  And of course we want to also thank and commend the Gender Anarky crew out there that has set up the website and let the world know of our resistance in the prisons of America, a resistance that will surely contribute to America’s doom.  To our supporters [names omitted] — Thank you ever so much from the bottom of our hearts!  We love you!

We also want to let everyone know the latest with us.  As pointed our previously, Donovan prison changed tactics and so did we.  In Cat’s case, they decided to transfer her, allegedly because her custody points went down to a level-3 medium security range, and the yard we were on at Donovan is a level-4 maximum security yard.  In my case, I was put up for transfer to the Department of Mental Health based on a history of genital self-mutilation for want of sex-change surgery.  My request for surgery had been denied by the secretary of prisons years ago.  For the trans females in prison who can’t get surgery and need it, we get into a space where we just have to have it, and things get messy.  I was surgically castrated in 2009 due to medical complications resulting from continued self-mutilation through the years and decades of my incarceration.  Last year I tried to amputate my penis twice and was sent to a community hospital in Reno, NV, for days of treatment.  Initially they were going to amputate, but the organ responded to antibiotics and the diagnosis was changed.  It was no coincidence that the transfer recommendations came suddenly at the point of our resistance for our cell status and the pressure that our supporters were putting on the prison regarding our hunger strike.

We shifted our tactics from the hunger strike to attacking the transfer recommendations.  The prisoncrats gave us all the reasons we needed by violating their own rules in the way they went about it.  It’s what they do in all the administrative decisions made about every prisoner.  A very routine, underground way of running the prisons.  So we raised technicalities, but that is a process that takes months of moving the paperwork through the system and in the meanwhile I was transferred.  Currently I am in the Department of Mental Health section of the prison here in Salinas Valley.  It is just a warehouse.  No treatment is given.  I am to be here several months and then return to Donovan.  It’s “bus therapy,” just bussing us across the state with nothing accomplished.  I can be out of here in about two or three months.  I arrived in November.

Cat fared a lot better.  They had tried this with her years previous, before we met, ans she was filing paperwork against corrupt conditions at Donovan, including antifag hate from the guards.  At that time the attempt was abandoned because of family hardships if she were transferred elsewhere.  She has close ties with her parents.  Her family lives close to the prison and it would be a prohibiting burden to have them travel hundreds of miles to see her.  We filed an appeal with the warden, and her parents wrote to the warden with their concern.  In the meanwhile, Cat had gotten into situations that raised her points back up to a maximum security range so she is being kept at Donovan.  “I did them so I get be here when you get back,” she told me in a recent letter.  We always have an idea.

This is where we stand today.  Cat and I entered into an eternal union on October 20th, 2012.  Like me, Cat is a priesteess in the pagan ways.  She performed the ritual and consecration on sacred pagan ground at Donovan prison.

There will be more updates of our situation as we continue the insurrection against civilization from within prison.  I will also be speaking out more on the site shortly.

And so with this, a big hug and kiss to all!

For the annihilation of civilization,
Sister Amazon”