In a recent correspondence with Amazon, it has come to our attention that Amazon is being held against her will in especially restricted circumstances in a facility of the Dept. of Mental Health against her wishes.  The conditions of this facility are, of course, doing nothing to improve her mental health and the increased harrassment by staff, poor living conditions, and increased restrictions within this unit have only increased her depression and suidical thoughts.

Call Warden Randy Grounds of Salinas Valley State prison and demand that Eva Contreraz, C4585, be released from Department of Mental Health custody according to her wishes and in the meantime be given a cell with running water immediately!  Salinas Valley State Prison’s number is (831) 678-5500.

“It’s time to take it to the trenches in the tyrannical prison system and equally tyrannical Dept. of Mental Health that currently hold me against my will in this prison.  I’m sending this S.O.S. to anyone in society who would care to take some action on my behalf.

I previously explained how I ended up here.  I kicked off the war with these pigs as soon as I got here and was immediately subjected to discrimination as a trans woman and other mistreatment.  At Donovan prison, where I came from, I had maximum program privileges, with yard, dayroom, and groups daily.  This program is a highly restricted lockdown setting that normally, under prison rules, one is put in for rule violations, as a means of punishment.  All of this surprised me when I got here. I hadn’t broken any rule.

I was on ‘cuff status': I could not come out to the yard or dayroom and was handcuffed with two escorts when taken anywhere, even to the showers a few feet away.  This is how it is in the hole, the supermax lockdown prisons.  To put me in these conditions, the rule book requires due process procedures: a documented disciplinary accusation with a copy to me, an investigator and assistant for my defense, a hearing before a lieutenant, a copy of all reports and the disposition for my record and to appeal the action taken.  I was given none of this, either here or at Donovan.  In essence, though I was sent here for mental health diagnosis, I was stuck in a hole for nothing, without legally required due process precautions.  This is tyranny, not constitutional or democratic government.  Not that I believe in either, but if they say I have it coming as a matter of their law and I am being forced to live under their law against my will, I want it.

I am being held in the DMH against my will, in a mental health program.  I must consent in order for them to put and keep me here.  I objected to being transferred here at Donovan but was railroaded anyway last November.  An appeal of that action is still in process.  I have asked to discharge, but they refuse to let me.  I’ve been evaluated for years and decades in prison for the need for sex-change surgery, which the prison dept. refuses to give me or any other trans prisoner in need of it.  The doctors have concluded in a recommendation for surgery.  This was months ago.  I asked for discharge, since my recommendation is in and I am through here, but they won’t let me go, insisting that I ‘finish the program’ of months and months of doing nothing but sitting in a cell.

Ever since I got here, I’ve been constantly at odds with these pigs.  They have disrespected my trans state, with negative attitude and derogatory comments, and I’ve retorted right back.  More mistreatment.  Being couped up in the cell for prolonged periods has had negative psychological effects on me, as it would anyone, especially as I am claustrophobic and given to panic attacks in such conditions, which includes moaning, depression, crying, etc.  I feel like I will die any moment and get a death wish just to end it.  My medical/psych files note that in such living programs, I ‘decompensate’ (have adverse psychological symptoms).  This includes suicidality or suicide ideation (e.g. a death wish).  Yet I was put in such an environment unnecessarily.  I am having all these reactions and symptoms in the cell, fighting as much as my battered body can muster.

I also become more aggressive to the pigs.  Last month, I was in the hole (no difference) for threatening the guards, for a week.  I am now in the hole again for more conflict with them.  My water had stopped working three days ago due to plumbing problems.  It would take days to have it fixed.  I asked to be moved to a cell with working water, but they wouldn’t do it.  I don’t think I’ll be getting out this time.

Now, rather than discharging me from here, whenever, they are considering sending me to a new prison for DMH prisoners that is opening in July.  Everyone who is here is going then.  Once there I can be held for months, years.

So please zap the warden here as to: why I am being maintained here when I’ve been treated and have a treatment recommendation and am not being discharged back to Donovan; why I am being harassed and provoked by the staff for being a transsexual; why I am being held in a cell with no running water; and why I am being handled by staff who have no training working with mental health patients, aggravating my mental health condition.

This might get some action, improve things for me, and get me discharged.  Meanwhile, I’ll be maintaining, doing what I need to get through each day and keep my sanity in this cruel place.

Thanks ever so kindly.

Sister Amazon”